Advantages Of First Aid Kits For Kids

01/03/2012 15:05

Possessing kids first aid kit in your own home is amongst the most effective safety measures you can take at home. For their smaller physiques and fascination, kids are more exposed to accidental injuries than fellow members of the household. As a result, a first aid kit for kids at your home is essential. However, you need to purchase a special one for kids.

Significance first aid kit for kids

Saves Lives

To start with, it can save lives. Sometimes it only takes the time emergency services take to reach your home for the inevitable to occur. Taking simple first aid measures increases the survival chances after an accident.


It helps to ensure that you're always ready all the time. Do not forget, any sort of accident can happen whenever. Therefore, having this type of kit allows you to be confident about your abilities.

Provides Important Information

These kinds of kits are designed to not only have the 'hardware' first aid materials, but also information. It contains information on how to deal with all of the typical accidental injuries affecting little ones. Furthermore, it will have all the 'how to tips' you need as well as all the numbers you need in an emergency.

A great learning tool for youngsters

Most of these kits were made to appeal to the youngsters. Their own illustrations will helps your kids learn simple and quick first aid tips in a interesting way.

Research has shown that burns are the most frequent accident for children at home. Subsequently, the majority of kits are created to give the most effective care for burns. Don't forget, burns affect the largest organ in the body, therefore, its wellness affects the whole body. Additionally, quick first aid measures are necessary in the healing and elimination of subsequent scars.

Important First Aid Kit Items for Burns

•    Bandages of various sizes are crucial in covering burns.

•    Sterile gauze help in cleaning and handling burns.

•    Medical gloves.

•    Burn creams.

•    Scissors and tweezers.

•    Cold compresses.

•    Analgesics for kids - drugs that reduce pain, for example, ibuprofen and asprin-containing medicines.Are important as burns can be painful.

•    Antiseptic and antibiotics.

•    Creams specially made for burns.

•    Cotton wool.

•    Thin and film transparent waterproof dressings.

•    Adhesive tapes

Characteristics of a Great Emergency First Aid Kit for kids

•    Should be effectively arranged easy access.

•    Must possess components to manage number of injuries.

•    Color as well as type of the case - should allow easy flip open access and identification in case any sort of accident occurs when you're not at home.

•    Well highlighted and easy to read first aid handbook.

•    The case should be durable and water resistant.

Constantly ensure that the First aid kit always has ample supply of all the items. Additionally, it is advisable to obtain a first aid bag that is recommended by a respected health body. In case there is severe accidental injuries, make sure you contact emergency services as you proceed with first aid. Having professional medical check ups after having a minor accident would not hurt at all.